This project demonstrates Web API, the REST web service for ASP.NET MVC.
A software developer can use Web API to connect a smart phone, tablet, web site, or desktop app to a web site in Azure.

These technologies are used:
    Visual Studio 2013, C#, ASP.NET MVC, Web API, Razor, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Azure, Azure SQL

Web API can be used for several standard ways, and to return data in XML or JSON formats:

Action HTTP Method Relative URI
Get a product by ID GET /api/products/id
Create a new product POST /api/products
Update a product PUT /api/products/id
Delete a product DELETE /api/products/id

Web API can also be used for other ways, and can return data:

Click here, to open a new browser window, send some data to a Web API method, and echo back the text 'This text is sent back'.

        http://www.ConstantLogic.com/api/WebAPI?data=here is some data

You can also copy this link into a browser, modify the data, and see how different browsers handle the data.